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Kick, Push, Coast

Are you heading off to college and looking for a good campus cruiser? Or are you a speed demon wanting to carve up the hills and set it ablaze? Longboards are so versatile you can use them just about anywhere. Step on a longboard and surf over the asphalt, with the wind in your hair, and a smile on your face as you chew up the road in front of you.
Our best suggestion when looking for a new deck is to stand on it and see how it feels. See if the pockets of the longboard fit your stance. Figure out if a maple board works best or if you like a little bounce from a bamboo deck. We have a long center aisle where you can try some completes that are set up.
We carry decks, trucks, and wheels from several companies:

We've Got The All The Top Brands In Longboarding

Looking For Something Specific?

The shop is currently closed for in-store browsing, but we can offer curb-side pick at the store.

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